Mission Statement

We strive to lessen the burdens of local government and improve the quality of life in Pittsburg by fostering civic pride combating blight, providing affordable housing, and promoting arts, literacy, and education.

Who We Are

Our team is committed to the implementation of our mission. You can find our dedicated staff at the Art shack and about town running exciting art programs for kids, families, and adults.

During the summer you’ll find us at the Pittsburg Library and at community events reading stories, hosting art projects, and giving away free books to promote literacy through our Pittsburg Summer Reads program.

We also support many community events including the Car Show and the Farmers’ Market.


Supporting the efforts of local organizations that have a positive impact in our community, we sort to improve the quality of life and opportunities for the residents and businesses of Pittsburg.

 Our outreach efforts include events that encourage reading.  Visit the Railroad Book Depot at 650 Railroad Avenue to find out more.

PACF’s Budget and Financial Plan

PACF Expense FY 2015-2016

PACF Revenue FY 2015-2016